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About Us

Akbar Pharmaceuticals is a fully owned subsidiary of Akbar Group of companies engaged in diverse business activities from its main business of export of tea. They have now focused on Health Care, FMCGE, Leisure, Transport, Hydro and Wind Power.

Akbar Pharmaceutical’s Surgical and Diagnostic Division focuses on complete hospital solutions from Surgical devices, Instruments, Furniture to consumables. Our Surgical team consist of trained and technically competent Engineers and Marketing personnel.

Akbar Pharmaceutical is Sri Lanka's pre-eminent Pharmaceutical distribution company with a 17% market share, constantly endeavoring to deliver the latest and best quality medicines to its customers. We have partnered with world-renowned pharmaceutical manufacturers with whom we have business relationships that span over a decade. Our advantage lies in the reputation of our Sales and Distribution Network which reaches every corner of the country, while facilitating ethical promotion and marketing of medicines to the Sri Lankan Medical Professionals and the healthcare industry.

Akbar Pharmaceutical is structured in a manner that ensures the effective distribution of products to the consumer. Strategic departments manned by functional specialists handle the various aspects of the Supply Chain including Registration, Inventory Management, Importation and Clearing, Warehousing, Selling and Distribution, and, Tendering. As a result of our internal specialization, we have developed the capability to excel in the entire supply chain. We are focused on making IT our ally and a critical success factor in enabling our staff to do their best at work.

We intend to further expand our product range by identifying new Principals with advanced technology in order to meet the changing trends and demands within the Sri Lankan market.

We are a dynamic healthcare company that aims to provide the highest quality healthcare products to the Sri Lankan market. Under the direction of a highly qualified and experienced management team a well trained and motivated marketing team, will strive to improve the quality of life of Sri Lankan citizens by giving access to the best healthcare solutions from the global healthcare industry at affordable price.

Excellent teamwork coupled with an undying passion and a high level of confidence gained in the industry that we operate in, clearly shows that, we are the most admired healthcare partner in Sri Lanka.